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Featured Project – 1001 Nights in Fairfield

1001 Nights in Fairfield / الف ليلة وليلة في فيرفيلد explores a “minor history” of Iraq. The film draws on the similarly titled, enormously popular collection of traditional Middle Eastern tales, bound together by the framing device of Scheherazade’s struggle to prolong her life by entertaining King Shahryār with ever more inventive stories. Shocked by his first wife’s infidelity Shahryār has vowed to take a new wife each day and kill her the next morning to avoid any future possibility of betrayal. Determined to survive Scheherazade and her sister collude in telling a series of cliffhangers that gradually entice the King to let her live to complete the tale. Much translated, mistranslated and adapted the cycle of stories have Baghdad as their centre and present a complex way of exploring the connections between Iraq and the Western Sydney suburb of Fairfield.

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