Dirt, Dust and Ruins

Jorge Otero Pailos

Keynote speaker at the 2013 National Architecture Conference in Melbourne — Jorge Otero Pailos — is represented in a new exhibition at Sydney’s Tin Sheds Gallery. Dirt, Dust & Ruins.

Curated by Jennifer Feng and Zanny Begg.

Otero Pailos is an architect, historian and preservationist. As he cleans away the residues of pollution in his work, he also preserves it, treating it as part of the history of the buildings. His installation The Ethics of Dust: Carthago Nova, 2011 reflects on the role that pollution plays in the functioning of empires and in their legacies. Specifically, Otero Pailos is presenting nine latex casts of dust from a mine in the ancient Roman silver mining region of Carthago Nova (now part of Spain).

Review in Architecture Australia