How Many Words for Love in Tamil?


How Many Words for Love in Tamil? explores the charged relationship between culture, migration and language. Featuring three Tamil writers based in Australia, Niromi de Soyza, Shankari Chandaran and Srisha Sritharan, the film explores the impact that colonisation and civil war has had on Tami communities living outside of Sri Lanka by looking at the differences between English and Tamil words for love.

Niromi de Soyza is the author of Tamil Tigress, a memoir of her experiences s a child soldier in the Sri Lankan civil war; Shankari Chandran is the author of Song of the Sun God a three generation saga based in Sri Lanka and Australia; and Srisha Sritharan is the NSW Slam Poet Champion.

The project will be exhibited at Salamanca Arts Centre in early 2020.

Niromi de Soyza in How Many Words for Love in Tamil?, 2020