The Swamp


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The Swamp, 21mins animation, Undrawing the Line, 2016

The Swamp is a 21min animation on the murky and rising waters of colonialism, race and border politics. The animation is produced from drawings created within and beside the experience of detention in Australia by Undrawing the Line. Lead artists for this project are Mona Moradveisi, Safdar Ahmed, Zanny Begg, Zeina Iaali, Susie Nelson and Murtaza Ali Jafar. The film features interviews and contributions from Omid, Thomas Wales, Hani Abdile, Ghassan Hage, Oliver Slewa and the many drawings and friends of Undrawing the Line.

Music includes, The Flood, an ancient musical score about climate change from the first millennium BCE interpreted by Stef Conner and the Lyre Ensemble, A Fish in a Rockpool by Kate Carr, The Swamp and Creeping Shariah by Hazeen.

Exhibited at safARI, Sydney and Video in Progress Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Video in Progress 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia.