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The Swamp (2016)

The Swamp, 21min animation and installation by Undrawing the Line, 2016.

The Swamp is a 21min animation on the murky and rising waters of colonialism, race and border politics. The animation is produced from drawings created within and beside the experience of detention in Australia. Lead artists for this project are Mona Moradveisi, Safdar Ahmed, Zanny Begg, Zeina Iaali, Susie Nelson and Murtaza Ali Jafar. The film features interviews and contributions from Omid, Thomas Wales, Hani Abdile, Ghassan Hage, Oliver Slewa and the many drawings and friends of Undrawing the Line. More…


1001 Nights in Fairfield (2015)

Fairfield, Sydney, is often referred to as “Little Baghdad” because of its large Iraqi population. 1001 Nights in Fairfield / الف ليلة وليلة في فيرفيلد was produced in collaboration with the Choir of Love through a residency with Powerhouse Youth Theatre Fairfield and STARTTS (Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors). The project engages with the politics of storytelling by loosely referencing Scheherazade’s struggle, in One Thousand and One Nights , to prolong her life by entertaining a murderous King with a series of inventive cliffhangers. The film combines documentary, imaginary sequences and improvised fictions to explore the pressure, and power, of telling a story to survive. More…

New Projects


How to Blow up a Bubble That Won’t Burst (2015)

In 1974 three Binishells were erected at Narrabeen North Public School. The concrete domes were designed by Dante Bini, an Italian architect, bought to Sydney by the NSW Department of Public Works. The Binishells popped up from the ground in a matter of hours and caused an immediate sensation. People were amazed by the speed of their construction, their futuristic shape and most of all by their radical design, which used air as its primary building material. How to Blow up a Bubble that Won’t Burst is a collaborative project with students at Narrabeen North Public School and Dante Bini: It explores the architecture of the city from the perspective of the young people who will inherit is structures, landscapes and environmental legacies. More...