Same River Twice (2022)

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Same River Twice is a multi-channel video installation created as part of the Blake Prize Established Artist Residency at Casula Powerhouse. Viewers can shift between four streams each led by a different person who has a particular connection to the Georges River: Jiva Parthipan, Shayne Williams, Rooan Al Kalmashi and Marion Huxley. For more information click here.

Magic Mountains (2020)


Magic Mountains was commissioned by the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (Melbourne) as part of ACCA Open, as series of web-based art works. It explores the experience of pandemics across generations through the (unsuccessful) search for the grave of the artist’s great-grandfather (in law) Bernard Patrick Murray who was buried in a pauper’s grave in the bush during the tuberculosis pandemic. To enter the project click here.

Stories of Kannagi (2020)


Stories of Kannagi was commission by Jiva Parthipan and NSW Service For The Treatment And Rehabilitation Of Torture And Trauma Survivors (STARTTS). The film reimagines the 2000 year old story of Kannagi, a young woman forced into exile by the misdeeds of her husband, who burns down the palace of the unjust ruler of her new homeland. The film explores connections between language, exile and survival.

The Beehive (2018)


On July 4th, 1975 Juanita Nielsen, low-income housing activist, style icon and journalist, known for her large beehive hairdo, went to what she believed was a “business meeting” at The Carousel Club, Kings Cross, and vanished, never to be seen again. The Beehive was commissioned by ACMI/Artbank and explores this infamous cold case by looking at issues of gentrification, housing justice and corruption from the 1970s to today. The Beehive is randomly generated by an algorithm and has over 1334 versions each probing new aspects of the mystery of Juanita’s disappearance.