Baadlands: An Atlas of Experimental Cartography


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Installation shots Baadlands: An Atlas of Experimental Cartography, Tin Sheds Gallery, 2013. Photographs by Jessica Maurer.

Baadlands: an Atlas of Experimental Cartography brings together a series of projects that use mapping as a way of revealing, challenging or engaging with the politics of space in a globalized world. The exhibition focuses on a series of undeveloped, unused or mythological locations that often appear as empty or blank spots on conventional maps. Probing beyond this opaque exterior the exhibition invites viewers to consider new ways of seeing and thinking about the space we live in.

Included artists: María del C Lamadrid (UR) / Diego Bonetto, Mirra Whale and Adrian O’Doherty (AU) / Centre for Urban Pedagogy (US) / Yurt Empire (AU) / Santiago Cirugeda, Democracia and Todo Por la Praxis (ESP) / Lorenz Aggermann, Eduard Freudmann and Can Gülcü (AT) / Iconoclasistas (AR) / Clement Valla (US) / Here Studio (AU). Curated by Zanny Begg.

Counter Cartography on the Google Earth, catalogue  essay by Zanny Begg.

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