Curatorial Projects

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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland, curated by Zanny Begg and Megan Monte, was a one-night only contemporary art event in one of Western Sydney’s last remaining fun parks O’Neill’s Adventureland. The night combined fairy-floss, rides, bands and performances, all in the amazing landscape of a semi-ruined amusement park. Winter Wonderland was a one night only experience that probed the inventive, psychedelic and unique world of the fun park. Last Adventure, memories of theme parks in Western Sydney, was a satellite event curated by Zanny Begg’s students from the Masters of Curating and Cultural Leadership Course, UNSW Art & Design. Artists include: Heath Franco, Karen Therese, Rosie Deacon, Singing Sadie, Sadar Ahmed, White Knuckle Fever and Renny Kodgers. For more information click here.