Stories of Kannagi


Stories of Kannagi is a new film project by Zanny Begg, it was initiated by Jiva Parthipan and created in collaboration with members of the Tamil community in Western Sydney. The film reimagines the 2000 year old story of Kannagi, a young woman who is forced into exile by the misdeeds of her husband, yet defends him against injustice in their new homeland. When her husband is executed for a crime he did not commit Kannagi confronts the King – proving his innocence through a powerful speech.  

Stories of Kannagi (excerpt) from Zanny Begg on Vimeo.

Stories of Kannagi features three Tamil writers based in Australia, Niromi de Soyza, Shankari Chandaran and Srisha Sritharan, who also use language as a form of resistance. Niromi de Soyza is the author of Tamil Tigress, a memoir of her experiences as a child soldier in the Sri Lankan civil war; Shankari Chandran is the author of Song of the Sun God a three generation saga across Sri Lanka and Australia; and Srisha Sritharan is a NSW Slam Poet Champion. Stories of Kannagi explores the impact of colonisation and civil war has had on Tami communities living outside of Sri Lanka by looking at interrelated issues of love, language and story telling.


Rubi Balasingam
Shayan Rajendram
Joanna Frank
Ramesh Nithiyendran

Funded by Australia Council for the Arts and STARTTS.

A film by Zanny Begg, Creative Producer Jiva Parthipan.

Cinematography by Ella Gibbens, score by James Brown, sound design by Liam Egan, singing by Srisha Sritharan,  music by Jasmine Guffond, Kate Carr. Casting by Fiona Dann, First AD Rishi Montgomery, Second AD Tiansong Ling, Gaffa Nathan Grant and Richard Mason, 1st Camera Assistant Dane Howell, 2nd camera Assistant Justin Chau, Art Direction Zanny Begg, Grace Partridge, Producer Bhavna Lalwani ,Costumes Vishnugar Arunasalam, Make up Shahmen Suku, Sound Luke Stacey, Colourist Yanni Kronenberg.

With thanks to RJ Yalavan, Karthika Ganeson YAARL , Old Parramatta Goal, Elise Mcleod, YSA Arumugam, Eelan Elangovan , Sri Sritharan, Sujan Selven, Nina Miall, Kesiken Decor, Chamu Kuppuswamy, Nedra Rodrigo, Viji Dhayanathan


stilsgraded08Production still I Am Kannagi, 2019