The Beehive

The Beehive, edited by Zanny Begg and Jose da Silva

An anthology of texts exploring the infamous 1975 disappearance of Juanita Nielsen, a low-income housing activist, style icon, and journalist, known for her large beehive hairdo, who went to what she believed was a “business meeting” at The Carousel Club, Kings Cross, and vanished, never to be seen again. This stunning book, designed by Suzanne Boccalatte, with multiples historical and contemporary images, contains five articles and three conversations, exploring the story of Juanita Nielsen and the broader implications of her death for cities, urban activism and art.

Contributors include Pedro de Almeida, Christopher Peterson, Oxana Timofeeva, Nicholas Miroeff, Kilia Tipa, Pat Fiske and Bronwyn Penrith, with comments from David Farrell, Ian Millis, Imogen Kelly, Meredith Burgmann and Julie Bates.

The Beehive is a 2018 experimental video artwork by Zanny Begg.

160pp, full-colour.
Design by Suzanne Boccalatte.
Published by UNSW Galleries.