Mona Moradveisi, Murtaza Ali Jafari, Safdar Ahmed and Zanny Begg

Undrawing the Line

Undrawing the Line was formed by four people – Mona Moradveisi, Safdar Ahmed, Zanny Begg and Murtaza Ali Jafari – to challenge the binary between citizen and non-citizen that frames current thinking about borders. Undrawing the Line was formed in October 2014 and In The Shade of the Waq Waq Tree is its first project. All members of Undrawing the Line have been long term volunteers with Refugee Art Project. 

To download a CV for the group click here.

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Undrawing the Line workshop at The Long Table, Powerhouse Youth Theatre, 2015

Media for Undrawing the Line:

Conversation, Celebration, Compassion, Real Time, Keith Gallasch, 128, 2015
Review, Artforum, Miguel Amado, 2014
Refugees say it through Art, Jennine Kahlik, Fairfield Advance, 2015
In the Shade of the Waq Waq Tree, Uniken, Summer 2014-2015

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Undrawing the Line installation and workshop at Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, 2015