Magic Mountains is a new commission as part of the ACCA Open; a series of six digital commissions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This Thursday join ACCA’s Public Programs Coordinator Bianca Winataputriin conversation with ACCA Open artists Léuli EshrāghiSean Peoples and Zanny Begg to discuss their new digital commissions that respond to the unusual times and cultural conditions in which they are produced.

Zanny Begg’s filmic narrative presents psycho-philosophical reflections on histories of isolation, contagion and quarantine., whilst Sean Peoples and Léuli Eshrāghi draw on cosmology and the digital archive as an open source for speculative fiction and historical re-interpretation, and as a meeting place and a keeping place for ancestral and other forms of knowledge.

ACCA Open is a new series of contemporary art projects commissioned for the digital realm, initially conceived as a way for ACCA to continue to work with and support contemporary artists during COVID-19-related gallery closures and disruptions. The six newly commissioned projects are by Archie Barry, Zanny Begg, Léuli Eshrāghi, Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, Amrita Hepi and Sam Lieblich, and Sean Peoples.