Dances with Bees, The Condensery, 2022

A new video installation by Zanny Begg, Dances with Bees, has opened as part of Slow Churn, curated by Rachel Arndt and Olivia Welch at The Condensery. Other artists in the exhibition include Lindy Lee, Mylyn Nguyen, Jody Rallah, Yasmin Smith, Judy Watson and Elizabeth Willing.

In Dances with Bees Begg brings her video and installation practices together to create an immersive artwork looking at bees and their homes. As Begg explains “The sun hive is a utopian hive that has been created with bee health and pollination as its main criteria, with honey harvesting coming second. It’s a beautiful structure that might help in provoking thinking about more sustainable forms of interacting with bees.”* With this work, audiences are encouraged to place their hands beneath the woven structure to “catch” the intangible projection. This is a timely reference to the disappearing of bees due to climate change, pesticides and infection.

Catalogue, Slow Churn
Installation shot, Dances with Bees, Zanny Begg, video, wallpaper and Sun Hive, 2022

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Zanny Begg lives in Bulli, on Dharawal land, and is an artist and film maker who is interested in hidden and contested history/ies. She works with film, drawing and installation to explore ways in which we can live and be in the world differently: this has included working with macro-political themes, such as alte-globalization protests, and in micro-political worlds, such as with kids in a maximum security prison.

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