Blowing Concrete Bubbles

RMIT Design Hub Forum: Melbourne In the early 1970s, the New South Wales Department of Public Works invited Italian architect Dante Bini to Sydney to demonstrate his innovative building techniques, which involoved using air as a primary building material. Prior to visiting Sydney, Bini had wowed radical architectural circles with his ‘architectural happenings’; live performative inflations of concrete bubbles. HisContinue reading “Blowing Concrete Bubbles”

Dante Bini Interviewed by Kids

Stills from How to Blow up a Bubble that Won’t Burst, single channel DVD, 2015, Zanny Begg In 1974 three Binishells were erected at Narrabeen North Public School. The concrete domes were designed by Dante Bini, an Italian architect, bought to Sydney by the NSW Department of Public Works. The Binishells popped up from theContinue reading “Dante Bini Interviewed by Kids”